It's Dangerous Business

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It's Dangerous Business - Page 29 Empty Re: It's Dangerous Business

Post  Elena Fisher on Tue Sep 24, 2013 6:22 pm

"Guys," Elena mumbled while the friends were hiking across the island, turning their backs on the burnt down facility. "That Outsider guy... why exactly didn't he just talk to us before we spent an entire year in a different universe?"

Bridget started laughing. Elena looked over to her and the the two blonde's eyes met for a second. "I don't know, I just found it funny."

"Oh", the reporter sighed and kept on walking.

They had been travelling for about ten minutes in complete silence. Nobody had said a thing and everyone was lost in thoughts. Elena didn't even know if they were walking into the right direction.

"It wasn't really that necessary to tell us what it would look like if evil won... right?" Richard tried to answer Elena's question. "I mean it's not like we didn't know that it's a horrible thing."

"I guess he just wanted us to experience it ourselves. To strengthen us or something" Raylan mumbled.

"Makes sense" Elena said. "Still, I don't really understand his actions. I mean, he wants us to stop evil right? Whatever that is."

The group just left one of the many hills on the island behind and reached a small forest, just like the one that was next to Jade's village. This had to be it.

"Yeah, he said something about stopping everything that's evil. Not only in this place but the other places, too" Bridget said.

"That's one hell of a task" Rubi sighed and cut down some plants with her sword while walking through the woods.

"I imagine he's been looking for people like us for way too long. I mean that guy looked desperate. Maybe he failed finding someone who managed to extinguish such a big evil as we did" Elena said.

"Yeah, we practically took out the biggest lunatics this world has to offer" Richard added.

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It's Dangerous Business - Page 29 Empty Something Nice Back 'Home'

Post  Richard Alpert on Tue Sep 24, 2013 7:43 pm

"This all comes familiar..." Rubi said and the rest of the group agreed, while they suddenly walked into the first open spot in the forest and saw a few humble buildings miraculously unaffected by the blast. A few of the persons there where nervously watching a giant smoke area in the sky at the place from where the group apparently ascended from. The group stared at it a few seconds as a familiar voice came closer and it was someone they were very happy to see.
"And get them all away from this sight, I'm sure 'our rescuers' are fi-" Without finishing her sentence, Jade saw the group standing at the edge of the forest and ran towards them. "You're alive! You survived! YOU DID IT!" she jumped up and down while Elena tried to calm her down. She looked sad and grabbed Jade by the shoulders.
"One of us didn't make it." Elena replied and washed away the smile from Jade's face. "Sarah... she sacrificed herself to save our lives, that's what we remember at least..." Jade looked down and a tear down from her cheek.
"I'm sorry..." she answered, while the rest of the group started to remember Sarah and her heroics. "But why remember? Shouldn't you-"
"That's a long story..." Raylan said after stroking his hair. It looked like he was actually grabbing for his hat but didn't remember it was lost.
"Maybe you guys should find refuge back in the lighthouse?" Jade offered and a few agreed.
"Thank you Jade..." Bridget said after she plucked an apple from a nearby tree and took a bite from it.
"But only for a short time..." Elena said. "We need to find out a few things first... It is time to do some research."
And so the group went back towards the trusted lighthouse while the rest of the island greeted them as heroes.
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It's Dangerous Business - Page 29 Empty Back at the lighthouse

Post  Rubi Malone on Thu Sep 26, 2013 5:32 pm

Rubi felt silly being praised, it's not like they've had a choice. It had been save the island and everything or get ripped apart by cyborgs.
The killer snorted over her own thoughts which attracted Bridget's attention but she just shook her head, it was nothing.

It seemed that the facility's explosion had not reached most of the island, that was fortunate.
Still, the smoke filled the air and wherever they went and the burning building could be seen from anywhere within the area.
Sirens were constantly going off, firetrucks or better - fireboats - and ambulances were going full time.

Jade helped the five folks into the same boat they have come in on.
Rubi felt a little sick to her stomach getting on that thing but said nothing.

It was obvious that Jade was full of questions but she did remarkably well waiting.

The group was silent the whole trip to the lighthouse and also didn't speak until they actually got inside and all sat down around a big kitchen table.
The weird half-human half-animal children they had met earlier greeted Jade excitedly, they ran up to her, hugging her tight and close, not wanting to lose her again.
Rubi watched a little embarrassed, she felt a little out of place.

But Jade was not one to ignore her guests and soon had a full dinner going for them.
The five have all been starving, none of them remembered when they last ate anything.
And dinner was the perfect time to start talking after all.
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It's Dangerous Business - Page 29 Empty Cheap wine, food and long conversations

Post  Jade on Thu Sep 26, 2013 5:46 pm

Jade folded her hands on the table, watching them all eat with gusto and smiled. It was the least she could do.
The kids helped getting rid of the dishes afterwards and were busy washing them in the kitchen while the five remained at the table.
Jade offered them some cheap, weak wine before she sat back down with them.

"So," she started, clearing her throat and letting out a sigh.
"Let's hear it, the whole thing, please."

And so they told her. They told her of the facility, the laboratories they have seen, the experiments that have been made there. They told her of all the people working there, how they had snuck in dressing up as one of them. They spoke of all the cyborgs that have been running around in there, the fear and anxiety they have felt throughout the whole thing. They mentioned the leader of the whole facility and how it surely hadn't ended with him ...
That made them all grow quiet for several minutes, except for Rubi who was very much enjoying the cheap drink and kept asking for more.
Jade actually grinned over the woman's behavior and gave her as much as she had and could.

They only reluctantly told her about Sarah's death, it still hurt. They still remember the strong woman.
In fact, it was Rubi who pointed out that Sarah had been victim of time or universe travel just as they have been. That made them pause for a moment.
It was something to remember for sure.
Maybe she has had dealings with The Outsider as well?

That was the next question.
'Have you ever heard of the Outsider', they asked her.
She only gave them a confused look and tilted her head. Nope.
So they told her about him, too. They told her everything, of the dream, how they woke back up and how they have conversed with the Outsider for the first time.

It were long and many stories and by the time they were done it was well past midnight.

"Wow, and here I thought I had it rough," Jade mumbled, taking a sip of the wine.
She shook her head and sadness crossed over her face so obvious, Elena reached for her hand in compassion.
Jade smiled sadly. "Pey'j died."

They kept quiet and lowered their heads.

"I am sorry," Richard said soothing and shook his head the slightest.
This whole adventure has caused everyone so much pain.
But they were not about to give up yet.

"The Outsider though ... I might be able to help you with that, come with me," Jade finally said and got up.

She led the group down to the basement, were the boat was docked as well. She led them into Pey'j's work room.
It was still filled with all the things he had gathered and worked on, machine parts, tools, screws, notebooks even some left over bags of chips, some empty, some still full.
Jade smiled pained but moved on to a little backroom. That's where she kept all her photos, that's where she developed them. It was almost absolutely dark, except for a faint, red glow.
The five seemed surprised to see a dark room, where they came from they haven't used those in ages. Still, some people did. Some like Jade.
She smiled over their expressions and fascination. There were thousands of photos everywhere. On the walls, hanging from the ceiling, on tables and stools.

"Anyways, here. I took this picture just before everything went to shit and was never able to figure out what it was," she handed them a photo. It was hard to see in the darkness, but they could figure out a strange, darkness, like an aura, something pulsating. A cold shiver ran down Rubi's neck.
"It's got the same feel to it, doesn't it?" she asked, referring to the Outsider.

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It's Dangerous Business - Page 29 Empty Onto something

Post  Bridget McEvans on Thu Sep 26, 2013 9:04 pm

"Sure does," Bridget replied as Rubi handed the photo over to her. She examined the picture for a few seconds before she passed it on to Elena.

"Where did you take this?" Elena asked curiously while her eyes were scanning the photograph rapidly like a security camera.

"It was just outside the lighthouse," said Jade and turned around to point to a place outside the window in the room next to the dark room. "RIght there. It was taken a few months back before you guys came into my life."

The group remained silent as the picture went for a stroll. Bridget was trying to connect everything and judging by the faces of the others, she wasn't the only one. Only Jade seemed to not question anything. She was probably thinking of Pey'j. It must have been hard for her to face all the memories again.

"Maybe the Outsider tried to contact us before all that," said Elena after she gave the photo back to it's owner. "I mean, what if he just wanted to play safe. He had to make sure we are the right ones so he watched us. He accompanied us on our journey until it was time for him to send us into that other world or whatever it was."

People started to nod in agreement. Bridget had thought about the same thing, she just waited for Elena to mention it.

"And then he needed to send us all to sleep, so he waited for us to pass out. What if he instructed the explosion somehow? So that he could make us have the same vision at the same time," Bridget added. Elena nodded. The others seemed to agree.
"I think we're onto something here."
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It's Dangerous Business - Page 29 Empty Have a night's rest

Post  Richard Alpert on Thu Sep 26, 2013 9:41 pm

"Plus he has weird sense of humour..." Richard said, looking at the picture. The rest of the group looked at him, not amused. "Well, I meant to say that... he tried to see if we're 'fascinating' to him, he followed us. Then he sends us into a dream world or whatever it is you please and then sends us back half drowning into the ocean!"
After Richard's rant, the rest just remained silent and looked around the room. "That wasn't a good point wasn't it?" Richard whispered towards Raylan whom grinned back.
"I got your back in this one." as he walked away patting Richard on the shoulder. Jade was still very distant all of a sudden, while the rest still admired a few or her pictures.
"Is it okay if we go back up to discuss it further?" She then mentioned looking very uncomfortably while playing with her hands.
"Sure," Elena said. "Mind if we take the picture with us just to have some visual evidence?" Jade nodded as the group descended from the basement and went to sit back at the table. the green dressed woman offered them a few drinks, while Elena still looked at the photograph with her head placed in her hands deep in thoughts.

After a quiet moment, which everyone seem to enjoy, Rubi stood up after making a loud burp and yawned while she stretched her body. Making everyone around the table doze up from their thoughts and look up for a second. Jade even made a strict "SHHH!" and pointed up referring to the children asleep above them.
"Whups, sorry..." the killer said and placed the empty bottle of beer gently back on the table. "I'll call it a night." she almost mimicked and Jade chuckled.
"I didn't mean it that harsh!" she said softly and Rubi made a strict "SHHH" back this time making the group chuckle this time. "if you guys are tired, the same rooms as before are available for you if you're up for it."
"Thanks again, Jade." Richard said and also he stood up.
Lately these days where very tiring, even the 'dream' they had made him worry. How long where they even floating there in the water? Shaking his head he followed Rubi towards their rooms and took the one beside the killers while she slammed hers shut and Richard gently closed his. He was happy just to let his eyes rest again without any trouble, for he knew trouble was around the corner, sneaking up on them. What was about to happen next? And who will be their next threat?
A gentle knocking was heard as Elena's voice came through the door.
"You in here, Richard?"
"Yes. It's still open."
Elena opened the door quietly and locked it behind her.
"Pfew, it really has been something hu?" she sighed and sat down on the bed. "I really thought I almost lost you today too.." and her face went from cheery to sad.
"Oh, Elena it's okay. I'm here." Richard replied and went to sit next to her and got his arm over her shoulder and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.
"That you are." and she smiled again. "I'm just worried who we're going to lose next you know..." her voice sounded worried again and even Richard began to think about it.
Sarah had been one great woman to have as an friend and team member, Chloe was perfect to the cause but even she had to draw the line. It even felt like they've lost the three people they've met in their 'dreams' Miles, Piers and Isabela. What if they were also in this world? But just in another branch of work? Elena made a small sigh, making Richard loose his current thoughts.
"I think it's time for some rest, who knows what we're up to next."
"Funny, before you where here I was thinking the same thing." Elena looked towards him and smiled again.
She chuckled in reply, while she moved on his lap and stared right into his eyes.
"Maybe it's time we blow off some steam hu." she said playfully while she grinned. The taxi driver smiled back while he gently bended his head forward and started to kiss her.
A loud snore was heard from the room next to them and Richard couldn't help but laugh.
"Well that puts everything out of the mood!" Elena laughed with him and without hesitation she kissed on. While their friendly killer probably had sweet dreams of beer.
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It's Dangerous Business - Page 29 Empty Memories and dreams

Post  Jade on Mon Oct 07, 2013 5:13 pm

Jade remained in the kitchen for a little while to clean up the last few leftovers of their night.
The kids have done a great job, but they've been up even after they've cleaned up, therefor Jade finished off, then headed upstairs to check on everyone.

The lights were out, except for a few nightlights on the ceiling, that looked like the night sky. It had been Pey'j idea and work.
One day he just had it all installed up there. Jade smiled happily and sadly all at once at the memory of the children's bright eyes and joyful faces. How Pey'j had chuckled and laughed.
"See, and they say old Pey'j ain't good for anything," he had grunted and the kids would burst out in laughter. She herself often enough, too.
She sighed deeply and dropped her head, before heading to her own quarters.

It felt good to shower and then just lay on the bed.
It felt good to relax a little after all the shouting, yelling and fighting. And yet, it wasn't over, was it?
Maybe it had all just begun?
Lord, she hoped not.

She stared at the ceiling, wondering if Pey'j was watching.
She felt oddly at peace all of a sudden and before she knew, she drifted off into sleep.

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It's Dangerous Business - Page 29 Empty Happy time

Post  Rubi Malone on Mon Oct 07, 2013 5:17 pm

Deep in slumber and dreams of ale and pretty Bridget, she suddenly felt a nudge at her toe.
As if someone had bitten it instead, she sat up, empty beer bottle at the ready to defend herself.

Bridget had to struggle hard not to burst out laughing over her reaction and shook her head, holding her hand over her mouth.
"Ah ... you silly fucker. Always ready to be attacked, ay?"

Rubi sighed released and leaned back against the wall.
"You asshole, I told you not to startle me like that!"

"You looked so cute in your shorts and bra, and your toe was just too inviting."

"I didn't know you were into feet, yuck!" she grinned.
Bridged did too.

"But I wouldn't mind finding out what else you are into."

"Oh, as if you wouldn't know, you idiot. Gimme that before someone gets hurt, probably you," with that Bridget took the empty beer bottle away from Rubi and instead put something much better and more private in her hand.

Rubi hoped the others would be asleep or otherwise busy as well.
After all, they all deserved some happy time.
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It's Dangerous Business - Page 29 Empty Not tired at all, Or is it so?

Post  Raylan Givens on Fri May 02, 2014 11:14 pm

It was deadly silenced in his room while Raylan was lying in his bed. It was still strange. All the events that had happened.
Why to them? Why were they all involved?
A few years ago he was still going on chasing Boyd and now he's here living some kind of fantasy life which didn't have an ending at all.
And if it has an ending it sure wont end good...
Raylan sighed and turned to his right side trying to get more comfy which resulted in facing the window. He saw faint lights from the city far away from the little island with the lighthouse.
It was hard to sleep already, but now the lights were distracting him as well.
Making another frustrating sigh, he got out of bed and pulled the curtains closed. He nodded in approval and sat down instead of lying in the bed.
He really could use a sip of the good old whiskey he used to drink back in the days. It seemed such a long time ago, having just a moment for himself to take the whole situation in.
I'll never sleep getting thoughts like this.
Feeling a little bit home sick to all his rebelling through the years, he stepped up again and pulled on his clothes.
The man opened the door and it squeaked resulting in Raylan freezing by the sound. It echoed a bit through the hall but died away not a second later.
Opening the door further and slower this time, he tipped past the doors of his fellow companions.
A faint laughing was heard from the woman's room followed by a slight thud as if someone fell on the ground. Raylan took this chance and walked faster through the hall and snuck down the stairs.
Moments later he felt the night's breeze caressing his face and he enjoyed the moment, closing his eyes. The smell of the sea rushed through his nose while he stepped closer to the sea side. Sitting down, Raylan looked up to the sky and saw a bright moon shining down.
I hope the others are doing better at sleep than I do.
And he looked over to the land opposite of him making him sleepy nonetheless. From time to time his head felt heavier and his eyes kept closing themselves and without further a due, Raylan's body felt sideways and fell asleep on the grass.
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It's Dangerous Business - Page 29 Empty Re: It's Dangerous Business

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