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Full Name: Elena Charlotte Fisher

Birthday: 17th August 1981

Appearance: Elena's actual hair color is brunette, but she died them blonde. She genereally has them bound to a ponytail. She has brown eyes. She usually wears normal clothes, nothing special. Her favourite clothing colors are white and brown. Elena is well trained and slight. She doesn't wear a lot of jewelry, even though she has a few ear rings.

Personality: Elena is a kind, polite and very friendly person in general. She is there for her friends, whenever they need her and she knows when they do. She is not the boring kind of person though, she loves adventuring and danger, even though she knows when it's enough. She tries not to get into dangerous situations, when she has to risk anything, she loves. Elena has a strong personality and a strong mind and she is a very intelligent ands mart person when it comes to history, myths or architecture.

Occupation: Elena is a passionate journalist and reporter. She even has her own TV show, called Uncharted, where she is host of the episodes and director of the topics. The show itself is mainly about architecture and history of old cultures, which also is her main subject when it comes to live reports. Due to her work she is travelling a lot and already saw most of the world's magical places.

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