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Post  Richard Alpert on Sat Apr 30, 2011 9:42 pm

Full name: Richard Alpert, Also known as Ricardus or Ricardo.

Birthday: 1st December 1967

Appearence: Richard has brown hair. It's a bit short but also a bit long. he mostly just combs it back, and leave it simple. He always appears in a jeans and a blouse. Mostly the colours are blue or a bit red.

Personality: Richard is a kind person. He's also very friendly and sometimes offers help when people when needed, and he loves to have an adventure once in a while.

Occupation: Richard is a very loyal taxi driver. He knows everything about the town where he drives people, namely Miami. He never misses an appointment, nor does he ever come late. Thanks to this job he's also very social to other people.
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