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Action Reporter / Photographer - she owns Jade Reporting and earns her living by producing various photographic reports on commission.

Jade is a lively, strong and sassy woman, with a subtle femininity. She has a marked taste for adventure and justice, and wants to bring about change. She’s very attached and attentive to her uncle Pey’j and the orphaned children she has taken in.

Special Skills:
She’s a top-notch photographer; known for her keen wits, investigative skills and uncanny stealth abilities. She’s also a master of martial-arts – her Dai-Jo stick skills are unmatched in combat and she’s got a perfect aim using her Gyro Disc Glove.

Jade was orphaned as a young child and doesn’t know who her parents are or where she comes from. She grew up in the poor area of Hillys, where she quickly acquired defensive abilities, street smarts and a strong sense of human solidarity.

Current Residence:
She lives on a small island in Hillys with her adoptive Uncle Pey’j and many children who have lost their parents during the recent night attacks (or rather children whose parents have mysteriously disappeared).

Hovercraft SX350 – Jade loves the power and speed, especially on the water. Beluga Space Shuttle 200 – Another fine invention from Pey’j, Jade flies the Beluga across the entire planet of Hillys, and has even taken it on a few trips to the moon.

Prized Possession:
Her camera – the one and only thing she received from her parents as a child… Jade’s only real memory of her family.

What She’s Doing Now:
After being contacted by IRIS, she becomes the lead action-reporter for the rebel cause. She fights against prejudice and propaganda, in the name of her people and for the right to know the truth beyond the typical perceptions of good and evil. In the course of her adventure, she adopts the pen name “Shauni” to sign her reports for IRIS.

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